Shelf Life

shelf life helps pharmacies grow their business by improving access in their communities.

why shelf life?

NEVER MISS ANOTHER SALE - Say goodbye to stockouts. We stock your shelves and manage your inventory so you only pay for what you have already sold. With shelflife, limited working captial and logistics won't hold you back from serving your community. 

LIBERATE YOUR TIME - Offload your stock management and logistics to spend more time serving your customers and growing your business.

LIBERATE YOUR CASH - Guarantee your fastest-moving products are always in stock and confidently expand your shelf with new items. Access discounted, "pooled-procurement" prices, special price guarantees, and access to dynamic pricing to stay ahead of the curve. 


how does it work?

1. BUILD YOUR SHELFSubscribe to shelflife's selection of guaranteed authentic pharmaceutical and other quality items to sell at your store, qualifying over time for more from our growing product list.

2. RECEIVE STOCK - Our certified pharmaceutical-logistics agents will deliver inventory for your shelves directly to your shop, unburdening you in the process. 

3. PAY FROM SALES - You sell, keeping your community happy and healthy, and we charge your shop for only what you've sold, sparing you the upfront investment and risk.

🏥 for pharmacies

Whether you are a retail pharmacy or hospital, looking to grow or to simplfy, we can help. Through our powerful analytics and logistics systems, pooled procurement and pay-as-you-sell model, client solutions team and dedicated customer support, we empower you to grow your business by rapidly improving access. 


📦 for suppliers

Are you a manufacturer or distributor interested in supplying into the shelf-life network of pharmacies? We take the inventory risk out of new product introductions and market entries and give you the visibility and market intelligence you need. Get in touch to find out how we can help you grow your business by accelerating access: [email protected]

let's get started

Pharmacies working with shefllife have enjoyed 95% on-shelf availability, which has helped them increase their sales and improve care for their community. If you are interested in learning more, get in touch with us at [email protected], call us at +234 809 867 1746, or reach us directly here.

frequently asked questions

Can I subscribe to more products than those listed?
Absolutely. We are always adding more quality products at competitive prices, which you can add to your shelves with the click of a button. If you need products that aren’t on our list yet, please let us know and we will work on adding them!

Remember, this also includes “front-of-the-store,” non-pharmaceutical products your customers also need.
Do you service my area?
We are currently serving all Area Councils in FCT and expanding quickly. If you’re interested in Shelf Life, but outside the FCT, please fill out the contact form and let us know!
How do I pay?
shelf life works best when you have an internet-banking enabled bank card. When entered into the shelf life system, we simplify payments by billing your account directly. This saves you time and stress, and saves us time, helping keep shelf life affordable. It also ensures your payment is always on time (even if you’re out of town or can't make it to the bank), eliminating late charges and keeping your shelves stocked! If you do not have a bank card available, you may make transfers or deposits directly to shelf life.
How do you ensure my products are authentic?
We only source from high-quality, registered suppliers, perform our own assessments, and monitor the supply chain right up to your door to help you know you’re offering your customers only the best.
How often will I get deliveries?
We like to start once a week and adjust to what works best for you from there.
What will I pay?
You will only pay the cost of the items you’ve already sold.

For example, if we bring you 10 units of an item whose wholesale price is NGN 1,000 each, that’s NGN 10,000 of inventory we put on your shelves at no upfront cost to you. When we return to your shop next, if you’ve sold half of those products, you’d owe NGN 5,000.

Exact price lists are available upon request, so get in touch!


shelf life ensures availability and controls costs - making it the fastest way for pharmacies to grow their business and improve access to medicine and other essentials in their communities.

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