Field is an international, multidisciplinary team with decades of experience working across government, philanthropy, and industry strengthening health systems through technology and enterprise innovation in the field.

MICHAEL MORELAND, Chief Executive Officer

Michael is a technology and policy entrepreneur passionate about fieldwork and the role of enterprise in fixing the markets failing sustainable, equitable development. Nine years founder, CEO of a firm pioneering market-shaping healthcare technology in emerging contexts, including cold transport and medical waste systems. Six years in Africa specializing in design, research, advocacy, and operations management in the field, including building the first vaccine 3PL in Nigeria, serving a population over 20 million, building regional operations and information system solutions for polio eradication, the ebola response, and integrated health supply chain. Past employers, clients, and funders have included US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), UNICEF, McKinsey & Co., Global Fund, MSF, IFRC, CHAI, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

JUSTIN LORENZON, Chief Technology Officer

Justin is an entrepreneur and engineer passionate about teamwork and the power of technology to support and shape human systems. Deep background in enterprise technology and supply chain. Built a public health technology program to a strength of 30 engineers developing and delivering a portfolio of mHealth solutions across 5 African countries for immunization logistics, health system strengthening and outbreak response, with clients including US CDC, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and UNICEF. Previously founded award-winning social enterprise program in Cambodia. Former lead architect at a US firm delivering enterprise systems for global agriculture supply chain certifications.


Front-end engineer, product developer, and entrepreneur leading systems development for Forth. Previous work with the team included leading product development for mobile disease surveillance solutions during the 2015 Ebola response in West Africa and a nutrition program intelligence solution for UNICEF Somalia. Frequent public speaker on offline-first Javascript solutions.


Full-stack software engineer with extensive experience in system operations and machine learning in the banking sector. Has worked with founders on three previous health logistics systems products for Nigeria and Liberia, including Nigeria’s vaccine warehouse management system. Currently leading system and dev operations for Forth.


Front-end software engineer. With 8 years working experience with delivering software solution for Public Sectors in Nigeria. Previous Projects includes, eLGA, Nigeria Education Management  Information Systems, Last Mile Vaccine delivery and currently working on Forth.


Health systems expert with 8 years experience working in Nigeria’s federal government and UNICEF Nigeria. Currently leading state-government engagement and vaccine-related operational solution development, including cold chain strategies and dashboard development with stakeholders.


Business analyst and strategist formerly at B Medical System developing commercialization strategies for vaccine and blood cold chain solutions. Currently leading business process and requirements development. Supporting new-country business development. Fluent in French, Spanish, and Portuguese.


Policy research, analysis and advocacy specialist with four years experience working at federal and state levels in Nigeria. Currently leading NURTW relations, user recruitment,growth, experience research and testing, and supporting business development in new verticals, including pharma and agriculture.