Field Guide
Mobile Tools for Putting Policy into Practice

Field Guide gives managers and frontline staff the tools they need to execute and decision-makers the visibility they need to focus on quality and growth. 

The mobile revolution is already benefiting frontier health systems, yet logistics systems lack rapidly configurable domain solutions capable of extending central systems - leaving whole tiers unsupported and beyond visibility.

FIELD GUIDE is a collection of user-loved, opinionated workflow processes built to perfect execution and extend visibility where it matters most: the field. FIELD GUIDE lets users easily track batches, follow first-expiry-first-out, view and manage temperature performance, and make warehouse adjustments through distribution and arrival workflows built specifically for managing pharmaceutical products. 

Feeding the FIELD SUPPLY Control Tower, and fully interoperable with a range of commercial and health-management information systems, FIELD GUIDE provides a lightweight and resilient extension for offline-first contexts, ensuring access persists despite the challenges of operating at the frontier. 

With workflows and UI designed with users, FIELD GUIDE simplifies and unburdens staff, resists and tolerates common errors, accelerates uptake, and maximizes retention. And with ongoing user support and maintenance, FIELD GUIDE remains live and relevant as your supply chain grows.