Smart Pharmaceutical Distribution-as-a-Service


On-demand health logistics at massive scale

FORTH leverages local networks and powerful analytics to radically change the way health distribution is financed, managed, and sustained.

FORTH is in development and under wraps at the moment, but if you are interested in learning more please contact us at [email protected].

Fragmented program implementation to majority rural service delivery points makes it difficult to plan, coordinate and intervene in distribution.

Outsourcing is a global strategy but local markets of transporters are ill prepared, lacking the scale to fulfill nationally and the domain expertise to earn the trust carrying sensitive goods.

While high-growth express and parcel delivery markets reduce incentive for vendors to diversify and building new, custom supply chains is expensive.

Vendors are left neither able nor incentivized to provide solutions that scale or sustain while governments are left with distribution systems they can neither afford nor manage.

FORTH is designed to reshape this failing market worldwide by bringing an innovative new distribution service to market.