Growth by access

Shelf Life is reshaping the pharmaceutical value chain at scale.

Prohibitive inventory risk and inadequate inventory management contribute to some 60% of community pharmacies routinely stocking out essential, life-saving medicines - causing locally-owned businesses to miss sales and impede access to care. In Nigeria alone over 4,000 pharmacies and 100,000 medicine shops (three-times the number of public health facilities) need access to stable, quality supply, at consistent, affordable prices, and the working capital to ensure access in their communities. With the demand for pharmaceuticals in Nigeria growing 10% each year, solving the access problem will drive health outcomes and foster positive economic growth.

Shelf Life is a new kind of go-to-market platform taking vendor-managed inventory (VMI) practices to the next level for pharmacy. We cultivate a pool of quality suppliers, advance the cost of our clients' inventory, ensure optimal and reliable service with FIELD SUPPLY and FORTH, and offer ongoing financing solutions - ensuring authenticity and availability, allowing pharmacies to offload logistics and sell on consignment, conserving their working capital and confidently growing their businesses. Pooling the procurement power of our clients allows even the smaller shops to access better, more stable prices. And suppliers get turnkey access to a growing network of trusted, supported retail outlets. 

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