Transforming the business of access in frontier markets

Through technology and enterprise innovation our products are helping fix the markets failing universal access to health care and sustainable development at scale. 

Tens of billions dollars in health commodities find their way to the public health systems of low and middle income countries each year and private-sector pharmacy in Africa alone is over thirty billion a year. Yet despite the clear and growing supply, 85% of low and middle-income countries have inadequate supply-chain and distribution systems, driving chronic unavailability at points of care and swelling costs for countries and distributors fighting to keep up with demand despite limitations in appropriate technology, data and analytics, and financial solutions throughout the value chain. Over 6 million lives over the next five years could be saved by helping public and private distributors improve the geographic and economic accessibility of pharmaceuticals in the field.

We are design-research led and market oriented, guided by the belief that health delivery systems and universal access to healthcare depend on markets, that markets can fail, and that we can reshape them through direct, creative action. This has led us to develop a comprehensive suite of highly scalable enterprise IT and fulfillment solutions designed specifically for the unique and challenging context of public and private health systems in frontier and emerging markets. And already its helping modernize the pillars of public health in Africa, from immunization and family planning to HIV and malaria, and reshape how pharmacies ensure access to hundreds of essential medicines.

Field Supply is a control tower-as-a-service, giving suppliers the integration, intelligence, and planning tools to view and manage their supply chain end-to-end. Field Guide gives warehouse staff the workflow-supportive mobile tools they need to execute and report. Forth, and its network of qualified transporters enables distribution-as-a-service, allowing suppliers to reach their last-mile on-demand. And the Shelf Life network of community pharmacies, supercharged with financial and inventory solutions, is giving distributors a turnkey sales channel while cutting costs from the value chain and increasing availability at scale.

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